Finest Printing Precision

Nano Precision

We provide a minimum printing line width of 130 nm, marking an 74% reduction compared to leading market resolutions. Our roadmap aims for a further reduction to 50 nm, ensuring superior precision and efficiency. 

Nano Accuracy

Placement accuracy can be achieved in the 10s of nanometers, which allows extreme high control of distances between circuits. 

Low Resistivity
4.5 µΩ·cm

Conductivity Redefined

The use of printed Ag (silver) wires in sub-micrometer sizes revolutionizes the field of conductive transparent materials by offering remarkably low resistivity that surpasses commercially available options like ITO (indium tin oxide) by two orders of magnitude.

Precision & Performance

This breakthrough unlocks a host of remarkable benefits for electronic applications, including minimal power consumption, exceptional signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and rapid response time, ideal for diverse applications from highly sensitive sensor skins to smart windows.



Our advanced printing technology enables the creation of invisible electrodes, sensors, antistatic components, and conducting meshes on transparent glass or polymer substrates. With our method, the necessity for costly transparent electrode materials like ITO becomes obsolete.
Transparency can be further enhanced by employing sparser distributions of sub-µm wide electrodes or by utilizing even higher printing resolutions. Pairing wires below visible light wavelengths with transparent substrates achieves remarkable surface transparency.

Versatile Substrate

Universal Printability

Our printing technology accommodates a large variety of substrates, offering unparalleled versatility and opening up a world of possibilities.

Adaptive Printability

Whether on flexible polymer foils, flat/curved rigid surfaces or injection molded objects, our technology adapts seamlessly to meet customer needs.

Unparalleled Precision and Speed

Inveel redefines manufacturing paradigms with our revolutionary technology, offering unmatched speed and precision in sub-micrometer wire production. Traditional methods faced limitations in speed and precision, constrained to micrometer printing widths.
Our innovative additive technology overcomes these hurdles, delivering highly conductive electrical paths with remarkable accuracy and speed on diverse substrates. With high throughput and seamless scalability, we ensure efficient production, whether crafting prototypes or engaging in large-scale manufacturing ventures.

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